Sunday, August 29, 2010


My hands aren't pressing the piano keys
the way I want them to.
Sometimes, I can get a melody out of them.
Even less often, there is a delicate moment
in which
I stop thinking about letters and patterns
more letters and more patterns...
and hear the chain of beauty that my timid fingers created.
But not right now.

My eyes aren't seeing myself
the way I want them to.
They play tricks on me,
tricks on my emotions.

My mind isn't answering the dry, repetitive SAT questions
the way I want it to.
The answers spin around me in circles as I drift away from letters and numbers
more letters and more numbers..
Maybe some things should stay unsolved by letters and numbers.
Stop solving things, stop giving me answers.
I want to be in limbo, leave me here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Can't Stand Politics

 Note: I'm not sure if this is the final draft of this one yet.

A man is being denied his love, not by the one who loves him back but by an observer of the situation-he doesn't like it.
A family is being denied their food because cash is disappearing from the Earth, and the things we eat come from other places now.
A group is being denied acceptance. They were born the same, but as soon as they entered the light, they suppose, something changed.
A world is being denied its breath, the constant beating of its heart is moving faster and faster as the rays of the sun are trapped inside its overheating, overly thirsty body.
And I, my eyes slowly glazing over and starting to wander away from the things I have seen, am being denied my faith in us, to intersect at a point and finally, to move on from all of this.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prompt #10: Eyes

Eyes are truth.
This simple lie, so weak and tired, cannot be so.
They guide in our quest to map the world,
but fall short of pure reality.

But perhaps reality can only exist
in the small arena
of which the eyes pay witness.

Life is an endless to do list:
Credits, resumes, opportunity seeking, work.
Life is an endless hike to the unreachable peak:
the tears, the sweat, the headaches, the heartaches.
Life is an endless quest for fulfillment:
finding passion, comfort, stability, home.
Looking ahead, you can see the lists as they lengthen in your mind and spiral out of control.
The spiral staircase is thin and steep and there are no handrails.
One false move and certain doom, stay where you are and you're going nowhere.
I must continue climbing.

But you, somehow, were my little rock that slipped and crumbled the mountain.
With you, the fall was better than the climb.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Not the Future

its not the moments i see now,
or the future i envision,
its not the abyss i see ahead of me,
its the journey.
which i can now say
started, lifted me up, led me here
and ended.
its the fact that you
are always behind,
trapped in the past,
never coming back.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Sun

if the sun doesn't come out today,
it'll be alright with me.
sometimes in this state i'm in,
the rain is much more comforting.
i thought i had the upper hand,
was holding all the secrets.
it turns out that whatever it was 
was just too quick for me
not love,
it wasn't love. 
it was something that wasn't love but i lost it.
losing always tugs at me, even when it wasn't love.

so the sun is good for many things,
but rain for poetry.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Poets Who Blog

Visit Poets Who Blog for some great poetry!

I aspire to be the person who know best, but am always plagued by my bad decisions.
Why is it that the more you want to do good,
the more aware you are that you are making mistakes,
and the more you do it anyway.
I need more time to make a few more stupid errors,
just a few spins around by the Earth,
and then maybe I'd be ready to be the person I wish I was.
Just a few more seconds off the record,
to convince myself of the path I want to take.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"When you wake up early, you realize that the people who build the world have been up for hours."
-My Dad