Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Rained All Day

i love this rain.
in the end, it will wash away every evil from the cracks of concrete
break the spirit of every vengeful fire
and ripple as it touches the aging stone.
the downpour will drown your ears with rhythm
and in the mist, you will taste your life, anew.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This World

This world is of course, a beautiful place.
It never stops spinning or spins a day late.
The moving of plates is the only unrest
which could make you believe this world was not blessed.

How blessed was this world?

Its people have love, water and wood.
If they wanted to walk on the moon, they certainly could.
This world is an oasis, it can do no wrong.
Don't listen to cries, hear only this- song.

If you were to yell out, of course you'd be heard.
Soon billions of people would hear of your word.
For in places of desolate, continuous pain,
all human beings set aside their own gain.

Don't be confused when upon horror you stumble,
or be weary when you hear the occasional mumble
of peace, change and hope for all.
Some of us just must take the fall.

How blessed is this world?

Please, examine the world today
Use all you have in you, stand up to say:
"I haven't seen the things I've heard,
and choose to believe the non absurd."
This world was built for more than this
but til pain ceases, there will be no bliss.